06 Jun 2016

Introducing the Community of Practice

The Community of Practice (CoP) is a network of local NGOs (LNGOs). It was established in 2014 by NCCI in partnership with UNHCR as part of the capacity building project that aims to enhance the capacities of LNGOs in the central region of Iraq.

The CoP aims to strengthen the networking skills of these local NGOs, improve the cooperation among the participating organizations and enable them to share their experiences. To achieve these goals the CoP provides a forum for sharing information, best practices and lessons learned, enhancing the services offered to the people in need targeted with this project.

The CoP also provides a virtual space for the LNGOs to discuss and debate important issues and to consult each other on new ideas and projects. The issues discussed include protection, livelihoods, capacity building and other services benefitting people in need. Ten NGOs implementing projects in 2016 with UNHCR are taking part in the CoP under the umbrella of NCCI. Since the start of the project, the participating NGOs have been discussing issues relevant to their operations and also benefited from the important books, forms and training materials provided at the resource center.

The website consists of three main sections:

•    Topics: tab which includes the main discussion space where the network members share ideas, past experiences, challenges, and suggestions around a specific topic. The network discusses at least two topics each month.
•    Success stories: tab highlighting the relevant stories from the network members to empower their media outreach capacities and also endorse and reflect the successful approaches and activities.
•    Resource center: the resource center contains relevant books, forms, training materials, and other resources. The resources are free and easily accessible and are used by network members and the wider NGO community.

NCCI held a group meeting for the LNGOs participating in UNHCR projects in 2016 under the new service “Task Force” on 27 April 2016. During the meeting six LNGOs were trained on how to effectively use the website, access the resource center and share information and success stories.

To increase the support provided to LNGOs we invite volunteers from UNHCR and international NGOs to share their experiences with LNGOs, either through face to face meetings or group meetings. Please contact NCCI’s project manager Anas Khalid at if you are interested in volunteering for the CoP.

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