17 May 2016

First Module of the Capacity Development Task Force (CDTF)

Local NGOs (LNGOs) bear the heaviest responsibility in Iraq, as first and permanent responders to both the current emergency and long term development needs of the country. The response of local NGOs precedes both the governmental and international response.

Since its formation in 2003, NCCI allocated tremendous time and resources to empower the Iraqi civil society (especially local NGOs) through several coordination and capacity building projects, partnering with donors, international NGOs, and UN agencies. Through the project titled Optimize the effectiveness of national NGOs' humanitarian efforts in 10 Central Governorates, which was funded by UNHCR, local NGOs were trained using a number of methods. The training included direct capacity development workshops, field exercise and hands-on learning, implementing small grants/projects, peer networking, exposure to the international community through coordination activities, and others.

NCCI, in cooperation with UNHCR, implemented the first module of the Capacity Development Task Force (CDTF) under the new capacity building project for local NGOs in the central region of. NCCI will also look into expanding the CDTF under other projects to ensure continuity, coherence, and accessibility for additional local NGOs.

CDTF Action Plan

1.Proposal and finance:

On 28/3/2016 NCCI held the 1st CDTF session. Managers and reporters from then local NGOs were trained on writing proposals and concept notes according to UNHCR’s standard forms. The trainees also completed a group session on financial management (payroll, purchase order, payment voucher, budget, bids).

2.Community of practice (COP):

On 27/4/2016 NCCI held the 2nd CDTF meeting. The community of practice (CoP) is a new online website portal that includes a resources center, discussion forum and success stories. Six LNGOs who attended this meeting benefitted from the CoP. NCCI changed the design of the CoP based on feedback of the beneficiaries, making the CoP a useful tool for all involved LNGOs.  


On 12/5/2016 NCCI hold the 3rd CDTF meeting.  Finance officers from seven local NGOs received training on finance and budgeting, and were made familiar with the use of cashbook-bankbook-purchase order and how to prepare a bid request form.   

NCCI will continue to hold new CDTF meeting sessions during the project’s lifespan to support the organizational development of local NGOs. NCCI invites all local NGOS to join and participate in the CDTF.  For more information please contact .

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