03 May 2016

First Heads of Office Meeting in Baghdad

On the 27th of April the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) held its first heads of office meeting at its office in Baghdad. The heads of office meeting aims to gather senior managers responsible for humanitarian operations in central and southern Iraq around one table, offering a platform for coordination and information sharing tailored to the needs of NGOs operating in the central and southern governorates. At the meeting attendants are invited to discuss both strategic and operational issues, advocacy related subjects and practical constraints. NCCI from its side shares input and information from its thematic working groups and meetings held in other locations

As this was the first meeting the attendants started with a brief introduction of their programs and activities. The next topic was increasing the field level coordination throughout Iraq; the attendants in Baghdad operating in Anbar suggested having field level meetings in Ameriyat Al-Fallujah to better coordinate activities in the governorate. The meeting concluded with a discussion about a number of HR/Admin related issues, including visa and NGO registration in central and southern Iraq and the possibility of creating an HR/Admin working group in Baghdad similar to the one NCCI already facilitates in Erbil.

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