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24 Apr 2016

Field Coordination Network Workshop in Beirut

In early April 2016 NCCI conducted a three days training workshop to develop the capacity of its Field Coordination Network (FCN) members. NCCI’s Field Coordination Network is a network of 24 national NGO partners called Focal Points (FP), who are based in all of Iraq’s 18 governorates. The FCN distributes information updates on humanitarian and development issues and provides data for NCCI’s field reports

The workshop took place in Beirut between the first and the third of April. Earlier NCCI had developed a training needs assessment to determine the priorities of the training. During the workshop 23 local NGOs were trained on fundraising; the subjects of the training included the logic, sequence and principles of project design, sources for funding projects, developing relations with donors and advanced proposal writing. On the last day of the workshop the FCN lead facilitated the election of the new board of the FCN. The board consists of three Focal Point representatives, one from each region (North, Center, South). The board supports the network lead (NCCI) with managing the FCN to ensure it achieves its strategic objectives in coordination, information sharing, and capacity development.

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