21 Apr 2016

NCCI’s New Executive Board

On the 13th of April NCCI convened the General Assembly for its yearly meeting. During the meeting the General Assembly elected NCCI’s Executive Board for 2016.

The Executive Board oversees the daily functioning of NCCI on behalf of the General Assembly and is comprised of seven representatives from NCCI’s members, who are elected for a one-year term by the General Assembly. The Board members include a chair of the Board, a deputy chair of the Board, a secretary and a treasurer. Besides overseeing the operational activities of NCCI the Board appoints the Executive Coordinator and also reviews and approves the applications of prospective member NGOs. The Executive Board convenes at least once every month.

Twelve member NGOs had submitted their candidacy for NCCI’s 2016 Board. The following candidates were elected: ACTED, Al-Mortaqa Foundation, the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), Mercy Corps, the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), the United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development (UIMS) and the Women Rehabilitation Organization (WRO).

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