19 Apr 2016

NCCI’s 2016 General Assembly

On the 13th of April the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) held its yearly General Assembly meeting at the Mariana hotel in Erbil. NCCI is a member-led and member-driven NGO coordination platform, and the General Assembly, which is comprised of all NCCI’s member organizations, is the supreme governing body of NCCI. The General Assembly is responsible for formulating and reviewing policies and programs, and adopts NCCI’s multiyear strategic plans. The General Assembly also approves NCCI’s annual activity and financial reports and elects NCCI’s Executive Board.

34 member NGOs attended the General Assembly meeting on the 13th, which started with an overview of NCCI’s activities throughout 2015. Then NCCI presented the findings of the consultations held with local NGOs, which were used to inform the strategic discussion which took place in the afternoon. The strategic discussion was facilitated by a representative of the northern Syria NGO Forum and aimed to review NCCI’s current course in light of its strategic objectives, identifying shortcomings and highlighting possibilities for future activities. The General Assembly concluded its meeting with the election of NCCI’s Executive Board for 2016.

For an overview of NCCI’s structure and activities in 2015 please see the annual report.

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