30 Nov 2015

Second Joint General Coordination Meeting in Baghdad

In October 2015 the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) organized a first joint general coordination meeting together with OCHA in Baghdad. As this meeting was positively received by the attendants a second joint meeting was held on 19 November.

26 local and international NGOs and representatives from IOM, UNHCR, UNICEF and WFP attended the meeting at NCCI’s Baghdad office. First local NGOs raised a number of issues regarding the HRP process. These issues included the short timeframe given to NGOs to familiarize themselves with the HRP process and the online project system, the need to include feedback and information from all government levels and difficulties faced by local NGOs in reaching out to the clusters. OCHA offered to facilitate contact between NNGOs and the clusters.


Then attendants discussed the humanitarian response following the recent floods in Iraq. The next subject was 4W (who, what, where, when) reporting and general humanitarian coordination in central Iraq. Based on feedback provided by the attendants it was concluded to review the current 4W reporting format. Finally the participants talked about access issues faced by NGOs in the central region.  

As always NCCI’s members can access the minutes of this meeting and other meetings in the members’ area of NCCI’s website. For your information a contact list of the cluster coordinators can be found below.

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