08 Sep 2015

Supporting the Humanitarian Coordination Structure

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) is the primary coordination body for NGOs operating in Iraq. NCCI however is only one element of the overall humanitarian coordination structure, which includes OCHA, other UN agencies the cluster system and the central government and the Kurdish regional government. As the coordination structure is going through a number of changes, NCCI has been supporting this evolution to a more efficient system adapted to the situation in the field.

On the 27th of August NCCI hosted a meeting between NGOs and Humanitarian Coordinator (HC) Lise Grande. During the meeting the HC addressed a number of concerns raised by NGOs on the reformed coordination structure and the relocation of it to Baghdad. Other subjects included funding and contingency planning.

As the term of the current NGO representatives of the Humanitarian Country Team (HCT) is almost completed, NCCI is also organizing the election of the new representatives. This year the HCT will have nine elected NGO representatives instead of the current system of five representatives and five observers. The results of the election are expected to be announced in the week of thirteen September.

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