22 Jul 2015

Closing the Amman Office

As of this week NCCI’s Amman office will be closed. For years NCCI’s Amman office functioned as one of the pillars of NCCI’s coordination activities. When sectarian violence swept Iraq and many international NGOs left the country, the office in Amman played a crucial role in coordinating the activities of these remotely operating organizations with the humanitarian response in the field. The Amman office also connected the Iraq response with other regional coordinating bodies and donors operating in Jordan. NCCI’s communication and administrative and financial management departments were also located in Amman.

In recent years however many international NGOs returned to Iraq. As the humanitarian crisis in Iraq escalated in the summer of 2014, a lot of NGOs also set up new programs in Iraq or expanded existing ones, especially in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. While the need for coordination activities in Jordan decreased, there was a strong demand to step up coordination in Iraqi Kurdistan. In light of these developments it was  decided to close the Amman office and move its staff and activities to NCCI’s office in Erbil.

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