14 Jul 2015

Reviewing the Advocacy Working Group

The advocacy working group (AWG) is one of NCCI’s thematic working groups and was created in November 2014 as part of NCCI’s objective to create the enabling environment for NGOs to advocate for the rights and needs of people in Iraq. To improve the functioning of the AWG and bring it in line with members’ expectations, it was decided to review the working of the group.

As part of this review process the AWG convened at NCCI’s Erbil office on 9 July. Five NGO’s participated in the meeting, which started with a review of the goals and operating procedures of the AWG. Also discussed were the terms of reference for the advocacy coordinator, who will be recruited to facilitate the functioning of the AWG in the future. The meeting concluded with a discussion on future advocacy related events to be organized in NCCI’s Geneva office.

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