29 Jun 2015

Optimizing The NCCI Website

Sharing information between stakeholders is one of the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq’s (NCCI) key strategic objectives, and the NCCI website is a crucial resource used to achieve this objective. As NCCI continuously aims to improve its services and communication strategy, we have recently launched an Arabic Facebook page (next to the English one) ,  and enhanced the structure and responsiveness of the website.

Working in a country like Iraq, where internet connections are not always of good quality, we have decided to move our online system to a cloud hosting, which is based on the most innovative Cloud computing technologies. The cloud technology allows easy integration of extra resources, such as space or RAM and thus enable website growth, and allows for faster accessing of the website in any country in the world. Because of these improvements the daily number of visitors has now increased to between 900 and 1000 visitors daily.

In the future, NCCI will be re-structuring the website content and continue to update the website by: integrating the new NGO mapping system and social media, Search Engine optimization, and developing a mobile site. Any questions about the NCCI website can be sent to the IT and Web Manager - .

NCCI furthermore developed an Arabic Facebook page, next to the English page, where daily updates about the humanitarian situation in Iraq, and the activities of NCCI are shared.

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