22 Jun 2015

Coordinating the IDP and Returnee Response

As part of its efforts to coordinate NGO operations in Iraq, the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) organizes monthly general coordination meetings in both Baghdad and Erbil. On 16th of June NCCI hosted a general coordination meeting in its office in Baghdad. The participants included twelve national and international NGOs, as well as representatives from UNAMI, OCHA, UNHCR and IOM.

Two Iraqi NGOs provided a brief on returnees’ locations, numbers, needs, and challenges in the governorate of Diyala. Another local NGO presented an update on the situation of IDPs in the governorate of Anbar. Detailed notes from both briefings and the general minutes of the meeting can be found on the members’ area of NCCI’s website. In order to facilitate bilateral discussions, an attendance sheet of the meeting is also available at the members’ area.

Following these presentations the participants discussed a number of other operational issues, including the needs of IDPs in Baghdad, the possibility of IDPs returning to Jalawla and Sadiya, and the situation of civilians who are trapped in Anbar.  

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