07 Jun 2015

Field Coordination Meeting on Southern Iraq

The NCCI Field Coordination Network is a team of 25 local NGO partners who act as Focal Points (FP) in all of Iraq’s 18 governorates. The Focal Points provide a structure in the field that regularly provides information updates on humanitarian and development issues, and supports the field coordination efforts to ensure an all of Iraq approach.

The Field Coordination Network (FCN) held its annual regional coordination meeting for the southern region in the city of Basra on the 31st of May 2015. NCCI’s national NGO focal points from the governorates of Basra, Missan, Thiqar, Diwaniya and Wassit participated in the meeting, which is the first of three planned regional meetings for northern, central, and southern Iraq.

The meeting agenda included reviewing the FCN annual work plan, enhancing the focal points’ biweekly field reports, and the future development of the network’s capacity and structure.

NCCI already delivered one capacity building workshop in January, which aimed to improve the FPs’ understanding of the global and local humanitarian coordination structures, and to enhance their networking and information management skills. NCCI will continue to look for more opportunities to enhance the capacities of the network through further workshops, meetings and daily technical support. If you have any inquires about the FCN, or if you would like to support it, please write to us at  
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