26 May 2015

Humanitarian Safety Meeting in Baghdad

On Tuesday 19th May NCCI organized a safety and security meeting at Mercy Corps’ office in Baghdad. The safety and security meetings are one of the thematic meetings that NCCI organizes regularly, and which aim to fill the gaps in security coordination for NGOs operating in central and southern Iraq.

Ten international NGOs attended the meeting, and discussed security and access issues in the central and southern governorates of Iraq, especially focusing on the recent developments in Anbar, Baghdad and Diyala. The participants discussed both access and security issues affecting NGO operations in these areas, as well as the increasing difficulties for IDPs to access safety and aid. Furthermore NGOs talked about the need for tailored safety and security trainings, and debated which resources are available in the country to organize such trainings. The next safety and security meeting is planned for June 2015.
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