19 May 2015

Supporting the Operational Peer Review

In August 2014 the United Nations declared the humanitarian crisis in Iraq to be a level 3 (L3) Emergency. An Operational Peer Review (OPR) is being conducted to evaluate the L3 response and identify areas for improvement. The OPR is an inter-agency, collaborative process and focusses on the following areas: (i) leadership arrangements; (ii) coordination mechanisms; (iii) application of the humanitarian program cycle; (iv) accountability to affected people; (v) key obstacles affecting operational delivery; and (vi) improving the response to the needs of women and girls.

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) has been supporting the OPR process in a number of ways. On 13 May NCCI organized a preparation meeting on the OPR for NGOs in its office in Erbil. The participating NGOs identified and discussed a number of talking points related to the OPR in preparation of the actual OPR meeting the 17th, which was facilitated by NCCI. NCCI also hosted the review meetings of the food security, logistics and emergency telecommunications clusters in its Erbil office. On the 18th of May, NCCI hosted a meeting between the OPR team leader and NGOs operating in Central and Southern Iraq in its office in Baghdad. Through its Advocacy Working Group, NCCI also provided the OPR team with written comments and feedback from its members to reinforce certain key points and ensure input received at the preparation meeting is included in the review process.
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