20 Apr 2015

Emergency Cell Meeting on New Anbar Displacements

During the past few days ongoing military operations and IS counterattacks have forced thousands of families to flee their homes in the governorate of Anbar, and especially in the city of Ramadi. These new internally displaced persons (IDPs) are trying to make their way to safer areas of Iraq in the governorates of Baghdad, Babil, Kerbala and Najaf. These locations did not foresee this huge new wave of displacement and are not properly equipped to respond to this humanitarian crisis. Other IDPs are still on the road and are in urgent need of shelter, food and water.

In light of this unfolding crisis the Iraqi Ministry of Migration and Displacement (MoMD) organized an Emergency Cell meeting on 18 April. NCCI attended this meeting together with representatives from a number of UN agencies and the Iraqi authorities. The attendants identified the needs posed by the crisis and discussed the measures currently taken to alleviate the suffering. During the meeting possible future actions were also proposed and discussed.

Please visit the calendar on the members' section of the NCCI website to access NCCI’s minutes of this meeting.
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