13 Apr 2015

Security and Advocacy Meetings

As part of its mission to coordinate NGO action in Iraq, the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) facilitates a number of thematic working groups. These working groups focus on a specific theme and aim to share information and concerns, and to develop common action points. On the 9th of April both the Advocacy and the Safety and Security working groups convened.

The Safety and Security meeting took place at Mercy Corps’ office in Baghdad. Eight NGOs attended the meeting, which started with a breakdown of recent security developments in the different central and southern governorates of Iraq. The participants where then briefed on access constraints. The meeting concluded with a discussion on expected future security issues.

The Advocacy Working Group convened at NCCI’s Erbil office, with 19 NGOs including nine local partners attending. During this meeting, the group’s new co-chair (World Vision) was introduced. The attendants discussed the follow-up of the Kuwait III donor conference and shared concerns over status-based aid delivery. Also discussed was the launch of the Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) in Brussels.
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