29 Mar 2015

Improving Humanitarian Effectiveness

One of the strategic objectives of the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) is providing capacity building to NGOs operating in Iraq. An important part of this objective is realized by organizing workshops for local NGOs to improve both their effectiveness in the field and increase their participation in the humanitarian aid structure in Iraq.

Between 22 and 24 March, NCCI conducted a workshop in cooperation with UNHCR to improve the effectiveness of local NGOs operating in the governorate of Baghdad. Representatives from ten local NGOs took part in this three-day training, which was supported by staff from both NCCI and UNHCR. The workshop focused on three main themes: protection, field tasks and program tasks. Among the subjects of the training were the principles of humanitarian action, the cluster system and UNHCR’s role and mandate. The participants were also trained in the planning, budgeting, and monitoring of protection activities on both the field and program levels. Special attention was given to protection in an IDP context. Finally the participants were trained in effective information sharing and the submission of concept notes and reports.
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