22 Mar 2015

NCCI Facilitates Cluster Meetings

The facilitation of coordination and information sharing among humanitarian actors operating in Iraq is one of the key objectives of the NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI). Under this objective, NCCI facilitates different Cluster meetings. In Baghdad, it is difficult for NGOs, and especially for Iraqi organizations, to gain access to the UN offices, which are located in the heavily protected International Zone. In Erbil, entering the UN compound can be very time-consuming. In order to guarantee maximum participation of NGOs in the Cluster system, NCCI therefore regularly hosts Cluster meetings at its offices in both Baghdad and Erbil. Every two weeks the Logistics Cluster for example holds its meetings in the NCCI office in Erbil.

On 18 March, NCCI hosted a second WASH sub-cluster coordination meeting for central and southern Iraq at its Baghdad office. The meeting was led by UNICEF, and attendants included UNHCR, IOM, the Civil Society Committee of Baghdad’s Provincial Council, six international NGOs and three national NGOs.

The meeting started with a plenary session on general developments of the Iraq crisis, which was followed by a presentation of the WASH response for IDPs in central and southern Iraq. Following this presentation, WASH standards and indicators were discussed. The meeting continued with a presentation of the Iraq 2015 humanitarian needs template, the humanitarian response plan and the new form of the 4Ws matrix. Finally, the meeting concluded with discussions on enhancing communication and expanding the role of local NGOs.
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