16 Mar 2015

Preparing for Kuwait III

The Advocacy Working Group (AWG), one of NCCI’s thematic working groups, conducted a meeting on 12th march at NCCI’s Erbil office. One of the subjects discussed was the Kuwait III humanitarian pledging conference for Syria that will be held on the 31st March in Kuwait City. Hosted by the Kuwaiti government, this conference aims to meet the funding needs set forward by the 2015 Syria Response Plan and the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan (3RP) 2015-2016. NCCI was asked to nominate two international and two national NGOs operating in Iraq to attend the conference. Over the past weeks, the AWG has been preparing common points and concerns to be raised in Kuwait.

The AWG also discussed other issues at its last meeting, such as a letter sent by the Directorate of NGOs, which raised concerns about the possibility of employing Arab staff in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Responding to members’ demands, the AWG has been trying to bring more clarity on this issue while also forwarding it to the relevant actors and institutions. Finally, it was announced that World Vision will be taking over from Oxfam at the end of this month as NGO co-chair for the AWG.

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