Last update: July 14, 2019

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Introduction to NCCI

The NGO Coordination Committee for Iraq (NCCI) is a partner-led organization established in 2003 to coordinate principled, collective NGO action in order to foster development, address humanitarian needs, and promote respect for human rights in Iraq. NCCI has offices in Geneva, Baghdad, and Erbil thanks to financial support from partner dues, and from donor grants including OFDA, the Iraq Humanitarian Pooled Fund, and other donors. NCCI serves around 240 local and international NGO partner& observers with coordination, advocacy, government liaison services, and NGO capacity building. NCCI also works closely with global forums such as ICVA, InterAction, the UK Iraq Working Group, and similar NGO forums around the world.

NCCI Strategic Objectives

NCCI Mandate:

NCCI is a partner-led organization that exists to support national and international NGOs in Iraq and work for a conducive operating environment for NGOs in Iraq.

Coordination & Knowledge Management: NCCI will act as the NGOs focal point in Iraq. This includes sharing information, knowledge management, and facilitating coordination between NGOs and with external stakeholders including government, UN, donors, and others.

Advocacy & Government Liaison: NCCI coordinates NGO advocacy efforts to create an enabling environment for NGOs to operate and advocate for the rights and needs of people in Iraq.

Empowering Iraqi NGOs: NCCI is to provide the services, advice, and capacity building to strengthen NGOs.

NCCI Activities


  1. NGO Functional Teams: Organize communication & meetings between peers across organizations (CD, HR/Admin...)

  2. Early Recovery & Development Coordination: NCCI supports NGO recovery and development coordination & planning for Iraq

  3. Local NGO Coordination: Iraqi NGOs have a forum to discuss and organize around issues important to Local NGOs

  4. External NGO Focal Point: NCCI serves as focal point for external stakeholders in Iraq and Internationally

  5. Coordination & Common Services: NCCI Serves as co-lead in CCS Cluster

Knowledge Management

  1. NCCI Website: Main website for NGO-specific information & services

  2. Contact lists & handouts: NCCI Contact lists & orientation guides

  3. Surveys & Voting: Collection of data from NGOs

  4. Databases & Publications: Creating the tools to inform NGOs 

Advocacy & Government Liaison

  1. Regulatory Database: Enable NGOs easy to access relevant GOI and KRG regulations

  2. Regulatory Advice: Providing relevant guidance and advisory services to NGOs on the regulatory environment

  3. Government Relationships: Enhance NGO engagement with the government

  4. Regulatory Advocacy: Facilitate coordinated NGO action on the regulatory environment

  5. Humanitarian Advocacy Coordination: NCCI Advocacy Working Group (AWG) facilitates collective advocacy by NGO partner

Empower Iraqi NGOs

  1. NNGO Leadership Meetings: Regular meetings with NNGO Leadership create a united voice for NNGO concerns

  2. Staff capacity building: trainings for Iraqi NGO staff

  3. NNGO Systems Strengthening*: organizational mentoring / systems strengthening? (*Not yet funded, NCCI is seeking funding)

  4. Map External Trainings: Help NGOs find external, non-NCCI trainings

  5. NNGO Mapping: Online Map & book of profiles makes it easier to find NNGO partners