Harikar NGO is a neutral, non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organization established in 30th May 2004 by group of social activists. Harikar NGO as stated in its mission statement strives toward the fulfilment of human and women rights in Duhok Governorate as stipulated in the new Iraqi constitution of 15th October 2005. Harikar is committed to- within its resources- contribute towards the achievement of the internationally agreed Millennium Development Goals.  Harikar believes in human rights, the right of every person to reach his potential without discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, social segment and ethnicity. We strive to achieve the social justice especially among the marginalized vulnerable groups. It also works towards elimination of all forms of discrimination against women and promotes their capacity to fully participate in the community development.  In…
20 Apr 2017

ACTED - Activity Update April 2017

Thursday, 20 April 2017
As the military offensive to retake the West part of Mosul City intensifies, approximately 5,000 individuals flee the city on a daily basis, relocating in and out-of-camps, mostly within Ninewa governorate. These individuals are extremely vulnerable and face a wide range of needs across many sectors. During April, ACTED has been an active partner in Mosul response, providing emergency assistance to IDPs fleeing West Mosul as well as to host communities and individuals who have returned to areas now behind frontlines. In particular, ACTED Programme Team addressed the needs of displaced people in the following sectors: Shelter and NFIs, Food Security, WASH and Protection. Shelter and NFIs: Through the simultaneous implementation of five emergency SNFI projects in partnership with OCHA…
19 Apr 2017

UIMS - Annual Report of 2016

Wednesday, 19 April 2017
A summary of our organization activities through 2016: The work of our organization still continues to provide medical, relief and development services and projects to restore stability in the liberated areas.   FULL REPORT CAN BE DOWLOADED BELOW.......
17 Apr 2017
UIMS (United Iraqi Medical Society for Relief and Development) opens al-Amal Delivery room in K18/al-Anbar funded by European Union, supported by RI (Relief international) in addition to Ministry of Health and Environment-al-Anbar Health Directorate. The delivery room provides daily 24h Health Services for the IDPS, returns, and neonates.  
12 Apr 2017

BCF - Annual Activity Report 2016

Wednesday, 12 April 2017
The unstable political and economic situation of Iraq and the wider Middle East has affected the lives of so many civilians and forced them to leave their homes to find a safe haven in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and other areas. The pace of displacement has been so great that the Kurdistan Regional Government, the United Nations agencies, local and international humanitarian organization have not managed to meet the basic needs of all displaced people. While most IDPs who arrived in the KRI since March 2016 have settled in displacement camps, but these camps still lack basic public services. At the time of preparing this report, the number of IDPs is constantly increasing, as, according to data from the United Nations High…
Al Alam camp, near Tikrit, is home to about 8,000 women, children and men who have been displaced from their homes to the north by the ongoing conflict. The families have come here in search of safety and support, from towns and villages ravaged by conflict, where food, fuel and medicines are scarce. The camp has two sections, each surrounded by high metal fences. In the strong wind, the tents seem to crouch under a steely grey sky. Children wearing sandals and light clothes run and play between the tents. One family stands outside the gates, their few belongings in their arms. They have just arrived and are waiting to be registered and allocated a tent. “People bring only what…
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